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I picked up my first camera at the age of thirteen. The camera was a Pentax 3000 and a hand-me-down from my brother. It was instant love. Since that time, so long ago, my love for photography hasn't changed. I still get a thrill when I pick up my camera and look through the viewfinder for the perfect image...


My style is fluid, I never know what will intrigue me. I'm often drawn to more isolated places. The forgotten, quiet, or unfrequented places that at first glance do not hold beauty, but is there if you look beyond the surface.

As my style progressed and changed over the years, there have been a handful of constant photographic influences: Dorthea Lange, Vivian Maier, Henry Cariter Bresson, even Beken of Cowes (sailing images).


There have been a few stumbling blocks through-out my career as a photographer. The most significant is that, through a congenital defect in the retina of my right eye, I lost nearly 40% of my vision in that eye. Due to repeated surgeries, I had to take a long hiatus from photography as I healed. Eventually I gained the courage to pick-up my camera again and begin photographing.  It was a long process as I had to train my left eye to look through the view finder and find the images that I wanted. The images on this website are a result of my reintroduction to photography.

In addition to being a photographer, I am an educator of children with special needs, both are equally rewarding.

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